Commissions in healthcare services, mainly in medical prescriptions, diagnostic tests and patient referrals negatively impact the quality of patient care. They increase the cost of treatment, and encourage clinicians to over-prescribe, over-diagnose and over-charge. In Nepal, it has become a deep rooted culture in the healthcare sector and with this, the essence of compassion in the medical field is diminishing. Through this mission, we aim to wipe out such malpractices from Nepal altogether, and promote ethical and compassionate medical practice.

Our guiding principle: We believe that doctors must be competent and compassionate to deliver quality care and treatment to their patients, but at the same time, we recognize their right to be healthy, and happy with their job.

Competent: We aim to promote ongoing learning (Continuing Professional Development, CPD) among medical practitioners across Nepal.

Compassionate: We encourage patient-centered, compassionate medical practice and make young medical students and aspirants aware about the social problem of medical malpractice (over treatment, undertreatment and undue financial gains).

Currently, we are advocating for a law against undue financial gains (commissions) in patient referrals.

Healthy & Happy: A stress-free working environment, good health and job-satisfaction and security are key for doctors to deliver quality treatment. We advocate for these issues in favour of the wellbeing of doctors.