Altruistic healthcare models in Nepal

No one would argue against Nepal needing to boost its budget for public health, but given the low allocation and poor management of government hospitals, the question arises: what do we do until politicians get their priorities right? Continue Reading

Media: Nepali Times
Natural Guided Regeneration in Wound Healing, A Nepali Experience
Media: Martin Chautari
New treatment offers hope for Nepal’s leprosy patients

A revolutionary treatment for open wounds has dramatically reduced the healing period of leprosy patients in Nepal, saving them money and prolonged pain. The new procedure has huge implications internationally, as it reduces the medical cost for treating patients with chronic open wounds. Continue Reading

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Nepal hospital trials life-changing treatment for leprosy wounds

Doctors at a Nepal hospital trialing a new treatment for skin wounds say the technique, which mimics the scabbing process, has “enormous potential”. Trials at the mountaintop Anandaban leprosy hospital, south of Kathmandu, have been promising, bringing hope to patients worldwide. It is hoped that the treatment will also help millions living with diabetes, who have an increased risk of amputation. Continue Reading

Media: The Guardian