In Giving, We Receive

About us

Who we are?

We are motivated social workers and we believe that in a world intertwined with science and technology, innovation and ingenuity is the greatest means of enriching people’s lives. We aim at promoting humanity through Science & Technology.

Major Objective

To do good deeds to make compassion dwell in the heart of man.

To do humanitarian service through science and technology.


How it started?


The massive earthquake of April 2015—and the harsh repercussions—got the Punyaarjan Foundation off the ground, launching it as a humanitarian organization, which that year, was oriented towards social support activities and mitigating the effects of the disaster.


2016 was about introducing organizational revamps by directing the focus of the foundation towards the application of technology in the health sector. The Wound Healing Project and the establishment of the first Clinic at Kirtipur Hospital became the highlight of the year. The foundation also started providing scholarships to economically deprived children at Bishwajoti School, Pokhara.


In 2017, the foundation financially aided the production of educational materials for visually impaired children of Nepal in partnership with ‘Gwahali’, through the Voice to Educate Project, and conducted a free health checkup, disaster relief and reconstruction campaign at Majhigaon with the support of ‘Educating Nepal’


2018 marks the year when the foundation’s mandate to serve humanity through science and technology gained momentum as Wound Healing Project extended to four new locations, with Clinics established at the Anandaban Hospital (Lele and Patan), the Sushma Koirala Hospital, and the Karnali Hospital.


In 2019, a sixth Wound Healing Clinic was inaugurated at the Bir Hospital, and later two more at the Yangon Hospital as well as the Yenenthar Leprosy Hospital in Myanmar


With the pandemic in 2020, as physical campaigns and projects became unfeasible, the foundation availed of the situation by virtually creating general awareness among the public regarding safety measures during COVID-19, through a number of posters and booklets it published.