Wound Healing Projects

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  • Location: Punyaarjan Wound Healing Clinics

Wound Healing Projects

In addition to its multiple charity projects mentioned above, the foundation launched the Punyaarjan Wound Healing Clinic project in March 2016 to promote Natural Guided Regeneration Therapy (NGRT) for the treatment of chronic wounds, especially related to veins, arteries, diabetes, and leprosy. Through collaboration with Prof. Dr. Nelson R. Pinto (Chile) who is also the initiator of NGRT technology, the foundation conducts training to the local medical doctors and health care personnel, helps in setting up exclusive wound healing clinics under ‘Punyaarjan wound healing clinic management protocol’ and donates a special medical centrifuge ( Intra Spin –The only 510 K cleared device from FDA ) which is required to make L-PRF to the nonprofit health care organizations and hospitals in Nepal. The objectives and tasks it is carrying out under this project are outlined as follows:


  • Introduce L-PRF Natural Guided Regeneration technology to support the healing of chronic wounds like Chronic Ulcer, diabetic foot, and Leprosy Foot Ulcers, etc. in patients within minimum time and cost.
  • Establish an exclusive “Punyarjaan-Wound Healing Clinic” at different concerned hospitals to carry out the L-PRF treatment on patients suffering from chronic wounds, free of cost. 
  • Train manpower of government and private hospitals to set up wound healing clinics in various districts of Nepal. 
  • Start international training on the L-PRF Natural Guided Regeneration Wound Healing approach for national and international medical and dental professionals. 
  • Transform the Wound Healing Clinics it established into the Asian training & research center for L-PRF -NGRT. 
  • Establish “Punyaarjan Wound Healing Fund”, to support the daily meals of poor patients. 
  • Organize international conference Biennially on Tissue Regeneration and Wound Healing. 


Punyaarjan Wound Healing Clinics

L-PRF wound healing is a simple, safe, cost-effective and autologous technology-based approach, suitable for treating chronic wounds such as diabetic foot ulcers, venous ulcers, traumatic ulcers, leprosy foot ulcers, small burns and many more. Punyaarjan Foundation has signed an MOU with the following hospitals in Nepal and abroad to start the “Punyaarjan Wound Healing Clinic” by transferring L-PRF Wound Healing Technology” through Lecture Training, Live Demonstration, and Machine Donation. It provides chronic wound Healing treatment service to the patients adhering to its “Serving Humanity through Science & Technology” initiatives.

By 2019, the foundation established a total of 8 ‘Punyaarjan Wound Healing Clinics’ in Nepal and Myanmar.


  • Clinic I – Kirtipur Hospital, located at Devdhoka, Kirtipur Municipality, Kirtipur, 24th March 2016
  • Clinic II – Anandaban Hospital, Lele being managed by The Leprosy Mission Nepal, 14th Feb 2018
  • Clinic III - Anandaban Hospital- Patan Clinic, Talchhikhel, 28th Feb 2018
  • Clinic IV – Sushma Koirala Memorial Hospital(SKMH), Sankhu, 24th June 2018
  • Clinic V – Karnali Academy of Health Science(KAHS), Jumla, Karnali, 30th June 2018
  • Clinic VI – Burn & Plastic Surgery Department, National Academy for Medical Science (NAMS) , Bir Hospital, 25th Jan 2019
  • Clinic VII - Department of dermatology, Yangon General Hospital, Myanmar, 26th Feb 2019
  • Clinic VIII - Yenenthar Leprosy Hospital, Madya Township, Mandalay, Myanmar 26th Feb 2019


Punyaarjan Wound Healing clinic provides free services to those who are not able to pay even the minimal costs of treatment. To achieve its mission of establishing several wound healing clinics in different parts of the country, the foundation is planning to work jointly with multiple corporate organizations and institutions to seek support under their corporate social responsibility (CSR) criteria.