Who we are

We are motivated social workers and we believe that in a world intertwined with science and technology, innovation and ingenuity is the greatest means of enriching people’s lives. We aim at promoting humanity through Science & Technology.

Major Objective
  • To do good deeds to make compassion dwell in the heart of man.
  • To do humanitarian service through science and technology.
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In Different media

Natural Guided Regeneration in Wound Healing a Nepalese Experience.

Dr. Sushil Koirala

New treatment offers hope for Nepal’s leprosy patients


What have we done

Dental Community for Humanity

Punyaarjan Foundation initiated Dental Community for Humanity (DCH) forum which is a charitable and social service-oriented dental network.

Free Health Camps

Punyaarjan Foundation supported the Rotaract Club of Kathmandu University (KUMS) to organize a Comprehensive Medical Camp at Maji Gau Village for school children and people .

Humanitarian Projects

Punaarjan foundations has been involved in alot of Humanitarian projects.